DECM / DOT 2019

Welcome !

On behalf of Division B, welcome to Brussels, for your DOT/DECM, on the 2nd & 3rd of February 2019!

The training days at Toastmasters are supposed to be fun and we will take care of that.

We believe that learning by having fun is the best we can get from Toastmasters.

District Officers joining us in Brussels:

  • will Love the views of the city centre where the venue is located (Jacques Brel Hostel );
  • will Enjoy the social activities selected exclusively for them (ex. Cooking class at La Cuisine de Flore);
  • will Accept and adore the friendly atmosphere of Division B’s hosting;
  • will pay Respect to one of the most ancient squares of Europe while appreciating the offered dinner on Saturday, at Grand Place (Restaurant Rose Blanche);
  • will Not go back home, without knowing the secrets of such great event 😊

LEARN is your keyword for this event, out of which will come many surprises.

An opportunity not to be missed! Hurry up and arrange your travel!

Valbona Zefi, Division B Director


Event agenda under construction / a draft will be available around Dec. 5th

CC 2.0 BY Michel Curi on Flickr
CC 2.0 BY Michel Curi on Flickr















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