During the pandemic, most of our meetings were held online. In the beginning, meeting engagement was high. However, as months went by, we noticed members began to disengage from online meetings, as most of our members work and/or study full-time and the majority of these activities also migrated online. Few members wanted to spend another 2-3 hours online after a full day of online "activity". Also: it's simply not healthy.

For this reason, we have decided to only host in person meetings going forward, unless it is absolutely strictly forbidden.


The Belgian authorities introduced the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) on June 18th 2021, and the Coronabarometer in October 2021. The CST went to code yellow & basically ended on March 4th 2022 and on May 23rd the authorities deactivated the Coronabarometer.
This means there are currently no legal measures our club is required to meet regarding covid safety. Nevertheless, we always ensure our meetings are in large venues with plenty of room for social distancing and that there is plenty of proper air circulation.
Should some or more of above measures be reintroduced, the following rules apply to our meetings - as was the case in early 2022.


These are events we organize in private rooms which we rent from the city or other organizations.
Regulations for organizing events apply.

▶Code Yellow: same as code orange but no mask
▶Code Orange:
same as code red for our club meetings
Code Red
: our meetings become 'non-dynamic indoors events' where:
     - a valid CST is not required - as it is only needed for events with 50 or more people.
     - the speaker can remove their mask to speak, provided they remain at 5 m distance from the audience.
     - everyone is required to wear a mask, remain seated  & socially distanced (1,5 m) throughout the meeting.
     - our club does not offer food or beverages.
     - our club opens 1 or more windows to ensure proper air circulation standards are met.
     - you bring adequately warm clothes to accommodate for open windows depending on the season.
     - you bring your own mask, food & beverages. You can briefly take your mask off to eat or drink.
     - our club is not liable should you contract COVID-19 during one of our meetings.
     - our club will assist you with contact tracing, if required.


These are events we organize in private meetings rooms offered to us by businesses.
Regulations for hospitalities apply.

▶ The business is legally required to enforce the use of the CST & scan your QR code upon entry.
▶ The business offers food & beverages.
▶ You are required to have a valid CST on you in order to attend.
▶ You need to wear a mask while moving around, but not while sitting at your table.
▶ Our club has no liability during these events.