“Stories in the City: Past & Future” – 20/07

This will be a special meeting with 4 storytelling speeches & a round of Table Topics — an improvised speaking game where guests are free to participate. ADMISSION IS 100% FREE. SPEAKING IS 100% OPTIONAL.

The evening will revolve around “Stories in the City: Past & Future

…  Join us for an evening of storytelling in the middle of Leuven’s age-old Vismarkt (fish market). This meeting takes place in the Vishal re-imagined, where we’ll not just share fishy tales. There’s more than one story to be told that takes place in Leuven or the hometowns of our speakers. With no fishmongers in sight, yet storytellers aplenty, this evening promises to be exceptional.

This meeting will be held outside.Drinks are available at nearby bars


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  • For more details on the meeting structure & various roles, look here.
  • For an even more detailed agenda with who will be speaking & about what, you can visit Toastmasters Fonske Leuven’s EasySpeak page, and locate this Meeting‘s agenda on the calendar.


20 Jul 2023


18:00 - 21:00
Vishal @ Vismarkt


Vishal @ Vismarkt
Vismarkt, 3000 Leuven


Toastmasters Fonske Leuven
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