The meeting roles we use are:

  • Toastmaster of the Evening
  • Meeting Speaker
  • Ah-Counter
  • Hark Master
  • Grammarian
  • Table Topics Speaker
  • Topics Master
  • Evaluator
  • Timer
  • General Evaluator

Read more about the meeting roles here.

The leadership roles in our club are:

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Membership
  • Vice President Public Relations
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant At Arms
  • Easy-Speak Helper

Read more about the leadership roles here.

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You can find a complete guide on how to be a “Toastmaster of the Evening” here. Including resources, suggested timeline and a guide to manage the meeting on Easyspeak.

President: Thomas Blaye
VPPR: Kaatje Raes
Treasurer: Galina Deeva
Sergeant At Arms:  Kris Meulemans
Secretary:  Bogdan Raducanu
VP Education: Karel Reynders
VP Membership: Lucas Fache
VP Mentorship: Tim ‘T Joncke
Immediate Past President: Karel Reynders
President Karel Reynders
Vice President of education: Kaatje Raes
Vice President of education advanced: Thomas Blaye
Vice President Membership: Saar Vandekeere
Vice President of Public Relations: Frank Turley

Secretary: Damian Robinson
Treasurer: Tatiana Kukushkina
Sergeant at Arms: Peter Le Page
Immediate Past PresidentSaar Vandekeere


President: Saar Vandekeere
Vice President of education: Alexander Pattyn
Vice President of education advanced: Karel Reynders
Vice President Membership: Thomas Blaye
Vice President of Public Relations: Kamesh Vengattaramane

Secretary: Pieter-Jan Drouillon
Treasurer: Tatiana Kukushkina
Sergeant at Arms: Richard Miller
Immediate Past President: Tatiana Kukushkina


President: Tatiana Kukushkina
Vice President of education: Saar Vandekeere
Vice President of education advanced: Pieter-Jan Drouillon
Vice President Membership: Alexander Pattyn
Vice President of Public Relations: Frank Turley

Secretary: Alexander Van Steenberge
Treasurer: Aylin Kertik
Sergeant at Arms: Peter Le Page
Immediate Past President: Pieter-Jan Drouillon


President: Pieter-Jan Drouillon

Vice President of education: Tatiana Kukushkina
Vice President of education advanced: Albert Jorissen
Vice President Membership: Carolien Vuye
Vice President of Public Relations: Joan Ceuterick
Secretary: Kamesh Vengattaramane
Treasurer: Stefanie Schrauwen
Sergeant at Arms: Alexander Van Steenberge
Immediate Past President: Alexander Van Steenberge’


Specialty Meetings:no club no rules

The first meeting of the month is a regular meeting. The second meeting of the month is a ‘specialty meeting’. The specialty meetings mean we can do something special: meeting in other places, workshops, educational etc.

A Third meeting:
If a month consists out of five Thursdays, we hold a third meeting on the fifth Thursday.

Nederlandstalige toespraken:
Op elke bijeenkomst is het mogelijk om een Nederlandstalige toespraak te houden.

Making sure the meetings end on time:
We need to end on time as well. The Toastmaster of the Evening will make sure the table topics ends at 9.40 pm.  The hark master only needs to ask about 5 questions concerning the speeches, no questions about evaluations.

Cancellation Procedure:
Last-minute cancellations affect the quality and effectiveness of our meetings, and we would like to reduce last-minute cancellations to a minimum. Therefore, in the case that you would like to cancel your speech, we ask you to do so on the Sunday before the meeting at the latest and to search for a speaker who can replace you. Unfortunately, later cancellations may result in lowered priority for the assignment of your upcoming speech requests. In case of discussion, VP Education Officers have the final say.


Sponsorship for participating at the District Contest:
If a club member wins the Division contest, he or she can do a request to sponsor him or her for the District Contest.  If the budget allows it, a sponsorship of 100 euro can be given.  The club member may be asked to do something in favour to help the club or its members.  The decision about the sponsorship will be taken by the President, the Treasurer and three other Officers.  The decision will be taken by majority.  No Officer can decide about their own request for sponsorship.  He or she will be replaced by another Officer.