Toastmasters Fonske supports TEDxUHasselt

This is just one of the ways that Toastmasters can help local organisations and we are happy to assist the speakers prepare for their talk at TEDx UHasselt under the leadership of Renaat Toppets.

The following speakers will talking at the TEDx event

  • Kamiel De Bruyne, Semi-professional idiot & TV Format Developer
  • Stijn Spaas, Brand Builder,
  • Jean Manca, Cross-disciplinary Physicist & Founder of X-LAB
  • Ineke Van Hullebusch, Creator & CEO of
  • Jenna Haze, Adult Industry Icon, Psychology Student
  • Arthur Carmazzi, Leader and author
  • Marc Kegelaers, Serial Entrepreneur – Aviation Specialist
  • Mike Boyd, YouTuber, creator of “Learn Quick”
  • Luc Stockx, Interventional radiologist
  • Prajit Datta, AI Research Scientist

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