• Established in California, USA, in October 1924
  • To help people learn how to speak before an audience, how to conduct meetings, plan programs & work on committees
  • 300 000 members in 149 countries spread throughout ±16000 clubs
  • 24 clubs in Belgium: in Brussels (12), Zaventem (3), Antwerp (2), Beerse, Gent, Hasselt, Waterloo, Mons, Liège and Leuven

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Toastmasters FONSKE LEUVEN

  • Bilingual club (Dutch & English), chartered on May 1st 2010
  • 25-30 members representing 10-15 nationalities, both new & experienced (dd. 31/10/2021)
  • Meetings every 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month, from 19:15-21:30
  • Meetings are usually in the center of Leuven at the Romaanse Poort or café Leuven Central, or in Kessel-Lo in Café Tempo which is a 10 minute walk from Leuven Station.

You can attend 3 meetings as a guest, 100% free - no strings attached. There are opportunities for guests to speak at each meeting, but this too is 100% optional. It's completely up you as a guest to decide if you want to do so or not.

If you're curious and want to attend a few of our meetings, check our calendar for the exact timing & location and register your attendance on the event page - or contact us if you have more questions or doubts.

For more details on the founders of our club & the current officers team, check our officers page.


Standard meeting (2.5 hours):
▶ Welcome & introductions
▶ Speeches : 5 speakers deliver a speech according the curriculum (5-7 minutes each)
   15 minute break
▶ Evaluations : 5 evaluators give feedback to the speakers (2-3 minutes each)
▶ Table Topics : ±5 speakers give an impromptu speech (1-2 minutes each)
▶ General evaluation : evaluation of evening’s proceedings, awards & announcements

Club meeting roles:
▶ Toastmaster of the Evening : the Master of Ceremonies, chooses a theme & hosts the evening, introduces all speakers
▶ Grammarian : helps the speakers improve their grammar and vocabulary
▶ Ah Counter : notes any overused words or filler sounds (so, like, ah, euhm, …)
▶ Timekeeper : responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers
▶ Video Director : records speeches, evaluations & Table Topics
▶ Table Topics Master : delivers the Table Topics portion of the meeting, provides the inspiration for the impromptu speeches
▶ General Evaluator : evaluates everything that takes place during the club meeting (except the speeches)

For more detailed guidelines on how to tackle each meeting role, take a look at our complete guide to Toastmasters Meeting Roles.