An evening about ” BREATHE, MEDITATE, ELEVATE” – 28/09

This will be a regular meeting with 4 speeches, 4 evaluations and a round of Table Topics — an improvised speaking game where guests are free to participate. ADMISSION IS 100% FREE. SPEAKING IS 100% OPTIONAL.

The evening will revolve around “BREATHE, MEDITATE, ELEVATE

One of the most significant benefits of deep breathing during yoga practice is the calming effect it has on the mind and body. When we breathe deeply and slowly, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

As a result, it can bring about a sense of peace and relaxation, making it easier to connect with your body and the present moment. Another advantage of deep breathing is its ability to improve focus and concentration. When we breathe deeply, we take in more oxygen, which helps to nourish the brain and increase mental clarity. By clearing the mind of distractions, deep breathing can help you focus more effectively on your yoga practice, making it easier to stay present and mindful.

While speaking we also have to regulate our breath, so lets find out in this Toastmasters Yoga session how we all can leverage from some Yoga practices.

Remember to bring your own refreshments or a refillable bottle, as the Romaanse Poort is a private venue. There is a Carrefour Express right across the street.

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28 Sep 2023


19:15 - 22:00


Romaanse Poort A06
Romaanse Poort A06
Brusselsestraat 63


Toastmasters Fonske Leuven
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