Advisory Board Fonske Toastmasters

Our Fonske Toastmasters advanced members roundtable

Our objective was to invite advanced members a relaxed roundtable discussion on how to keep improving the club over the next year

Results: We have some great ideas that will come to life in the next 12 months
1) More “special events”, modeled on “Retorica & Musica / Amateurama”, where an advanced member collaborated with a group of 5 speakers to speak around a theme, and they start preparing +/-2 months in advance

2) Another idea is to increase the frequency of Saturday coaching sessions, and give more people opportunities to either 1) lead the content workshop, 2) practice coaching or 3) take a speech to the next level

3) Another was to reduce/compress some of the formalities we have during meetings, alter the meeting format, and improve the guidelines for TME’s and general evaluators — so we get higher quality content and less focus on “form”

4) Do completely different meeting formats every once in a while, to shake things up a bit, and totally depart from the comfort zone



Our club also appreciates your voice! If you want to share some improvements, please talk to our officers and we will try to work it out!’