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This week we’ve launched the new Fonske Leuven Toastmasters website.

Our former website was not bad at all. If you searched on google ‘public speaking’ and ‘Leuven’, our website held the number one position. Some people thought our website was great, but for Toastmaster Fonske Leuven Great is not good enough! We wanted to make our website more useful, more attractive and futureproof. On our website you can find a lot of new topics: a video, a smashing calendar, testimonials, “our blog”, “the club rules” en “the meeting rules” etc. The website accurately reflects how healthy and dynamic our club is. You can help to promote our website by liking it on Facebook for example.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the members of the Furious Website Syndicate, who have worked all summer long:

  • Wim Bommerez: our “Website genius”. He is in a big way responsible for the look, the feel and the functionality of our website. Without him this result would not be possible at all.
  • Wim Woittiez: “Video Enthusiast”.
  • Albert Jorissen “Editor”
  • Joan Ceuterick “Nederlandstalig redacteur”,
  • Kamesh Vengattaramane: “Blogger”,
  • Pieter-Jan Drouillon and Alexander Van Steenberge “photographer and member zoner”,


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