Division Director

Helena Ruiz Fabra

Like anyone else, a lot of what she did and how she thinks has been shaped by her family and her overall life experiences.  Helena is 38 and separated. Many, who know her, say that she is defined by her curiosity and thirst for learning. She buys more books than she can finish. She signs up for more online courses than she can complete. She fundamentally believes that if you are not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things. Therefore, curiosity and hunger for knowledge all define her.

Helena is a Systems Thinker, EU Project and Process Manager, Trainer- Coach and a Communications Strategist. Among her passions, academic and professional expertise are Knowledge Management, Leadership for the 21st century, Social Responsibility, Technologies, Science Advice and Collective Intelligence.

Why is she in Toastmasters?

She joined Toastmasters in 2012 as a way to overcome a suddenly developed social phobia…and not only had she managed to do so but in that journey, she found out her voice and the joy to be surrounded by Toastmasters learners.   She saw how clearly Toastmasters empower people to do magical things and how people by better expressing themselves can ultimately make the world a better place. This very same inspiration continues to drive her today.

Why did she stay?

Since 2012, she has been able to find a way to use Toastmasters for her own personal development and align it with her other interest and practices.  This year for example, she will draw lessons learns from her own research on organizational development.

What does she do outside Toastmasters?

She is member of several communities. She likes to paint, read, forest bathing, listening to music, seating for hours in the Jacuzzi and her guilty pleasure is chocolate.