Winning at Winterthur

Congratulations to Laetitia Mampaka: she’s our Division B French Speech Winner at the International Conference in Winterthur, Switzerland, which took place the weekend of 12-14 May. You can watch her winning speech which she gave at the Division Contest here:

Aperçu du discours " je suis nounours". J'espère que vous apprécierez. Thank you again Lynn !

Opslået af Laetitia Ma på 29. april 2017

Also competing for Division B was Artful Orator Sydney Schreiber with his speech Regrets, I’ve had a Few, and Thomas Vervaet from Toastmasters Gent, who was one of 13 evaluators in the Evaluation Contest.

Many from across Divison B travelled by car, train and air to join other Toastmaster friends, old and new, from across southern Europe.

The Autumn District Conference will be in Milan, Italy from 24-26 November: SPEAK TO MI registration opens today!

SPEAK TO MI – Add Style to your smile

Warning: if you watch this video you'll be tempted to immediately register! #speaktomi #fallconference #toastmasters #district59 #addstyle

Opslået af Speak-to-mi på 14. maj 2017