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Winners of the 2019 Division Spring Contest

Here are the results of Division B Contests held in Brussels on Saturday 27th of April 2019:

International Speech Contest:
1. Nick Felix – Berlaymont TM Club?
2. Dhaval Sawkar – ToastMasterCard Club
3. Erik Luijts – TM Gent

English Evaluation Speech Contest:
1. Thomas Vervaet – TM Gent?
2. Sudip Chatterjee – Brussels TM Club
3. Lucrezia Scarapicchia – Aperitivo TM

Dutch Speech Contest:

1. Renaat Toppets – TM Hasselt?

Dutch Evaluation Speech Contest:

1. Thomas Vervaet – TM Gent?

French Speech Contest:

1. Valérie De Coster – Le Club des Orateurs?

French Evaluation Speech Contest:

1. Delphine Morin – Le Club des Orateurs?


Toastmasters Belgium in The Bulletin

Toastmasters was featured this December in an article about Public Speaking in The Bulletin, an English-language quarterly magazine and website published in Brussels.

In it, distinguished Toastmaster Zsuzsanna Corridori explains the Toastmasters concept, and how members can join.

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Letter from the Division Director – Valbona Zefi

Letter from the Division Director

Brussels, 1st September 2018

Dear fellow Division B Toastmasters,

As each year, the new leader’s team for Division B has been elected and appointed and this an exciting moment where new ideas, new goals and new projects have been discussed and approved.

I see Division B as a complete one where great experienced speakers and leaders are part of, and thanks to their involvement and performances young speakers and leaders can get the inspiration and courage to dare more, to go out of their comfort zone. It was exactly what happened with me in 2014, when I started participating at Division B events, I realized how far I could go thanks to the positive support of other experienced Toastmasters.

The connection created at a Toastmaster Club is like a family where trust and caring are fundamental because members depend on each other; it goes beyond a school team because the supportive spirit goes over the competition.

What we end up achieving in Toastmasters goes far beyond our plans, because of the unexpected support and encouragement of people we meet, and the personal enrichment is indescribable. I believe that in the end, this is the reason that keeps us motivated and determined in pursuing towards the success, everything we do.

I warmly invite all Club Officers to visualize your personal growth that the role offers to you, before planning your club benefits, as only when the win-win balance is set you and your Club really win. And say “YES”, to many opportunities that other Toastmasters will be offering to you during this year, because you will be amazed where the ship will lead you.

REMEMBER that you are not alone, beyond your Club teammates you have a Division team who supports you in achieving your Club goals, while enjoying the journey.  Meet the Division B Team

 The friendly and supportive environment that reigns on the healthy Clubs will also guide our work that we will be doing, in collaboration with you, this year.

The main activities planned for this year are :

Club Officers Training – 26/08/2018

Autumn event – Oct/Nov 2018

Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Jan 2019

DOT/DECM (District Officers Training/ District Executive Committee Meeting) – 2-3 February 2019

Division Conference – April 2019

Club Officers Training – June 2019

I look forward to seeing you soon, around.



Valbona Zefi

Valbona Zefi ACB, ALB

Director of Division B – District 59