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Memorable Masterclass with the World Champion in Antwerp

On Thursday 19 May, World Champion of Public Speaking Mohammed Qahtani gave a Masterclass at Toastmasters Antwerpen.

After a keynote that was a 15 minute public speaking crash course in its own right, Mohammed gave instant feedback to no less than 15 speakers in front of a room packed with 70 enthusiastic Toastmasters and guests from all over Belgium and beyond.

The Wall of Feedback, as seen at the Lille Division conference, ensured that all speakers went home an envelope full of written feedback from attendees, on top of their on-stage coaching by the World Champion.


Mohammed Qahtani and Bart De Wever: Two Giants of Oratory Meet in Antwerp

Toastmasters Antwerpen invited World Champion of Public Speaking Mohammed Qahtani to visit Antwerp, on his way from the District 95 Spring Conference in Timisoara to the District 59 Spring Conference in Luxembourg. On Thursday 19 May, he was received by Mr Bart De Wever, Mayor of the City of Antwerp, at “het Schoon Verdiep”, the sumptuously decorated “beautiful floor” of Antwerp’s 16th century City Hall.

Since Mr De Wever is arguably the best political orator in Flanders, his meeting with the World Champion of Public Speaking truly was an encounter of two giants of oratory!

The Mayor expressed his admiration for Mohammed Qahtani’s achievement and encouraged Toastmasters Antwerpen in its endeavours to promote the noble art of oratory in the Antwerp community.


Mohammed Qahtani was accompanied by a delegation of the executive committee of Toastmasters Antwerpen: President Egwin Gonthier, Vice President Public Relations Sandra D’Amario and incoming Sergeant at Arms Wouter Dupré. Vice Mayors Rob Van de Velde, Fons Duchateau, Ludo Van Campenhout and Nabila Ait Daoud joined Mayor Bart De Wever for the group picture.

Events News

Mohammed Qahtani Gives Masterclass at Toastmasters Antwerpen

Between his Spring conference keynotes in Timisoara (District 95) and Luxembourg (District 59), Mohammed Qahtani chose to spend some time in Belgium. Toastmasters Antwerpen invited the 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking to give a Masterclass on Thursday, 19 May.

In this highly interactive meeting, you will learn from Mohammed’s experience as a Toastmasters World Champion, keynote speaker and corporate trainer. His feedback, tips and tricks will enable you to create better speeches, boost your stage presence and conquer the hearts of your audience.

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